Valley Male Nudist Gatherings


“And thank you Harry for hosting this event. I’ve never taken the opportunity to do this before and I’m glad I did. What a weird but pleasant experience. It was nice to meet guys from all walks of life as well. I will plan to be at the event in July.  Thanks again.”


“I wanted to thank you for bringing this all male nudist event up here in NW MN.  Not only was it very liberating for me at my first nudist event, but very liberating for me as a bisexual, to be around a great group of gay/bisexual men.  I didn't want the event to end.”


"Thank you for inviting me. I enjoyed the company, conversation, food, weather, etc."


“Had a great time again at the VMNG event and a big heart felt thank you to you and your husband for hosting the event on your farm.  Looking at the calendar it looks like I will be able to attend the event on Sunday the 20th. I don't have very much opportunity to hang out with fellow bi/gay people.  And to be at an outdoor naked event, on top of it is just icing on the cake!"

“Thanks for a wonderful afternoon in the buff.  Had a great time. Looking forward to July.  A great group of guys.”


“Thanks again for hosting the movie potluck. It was a good group and I enjoyed it.”


“Thank you so much for all the hospitality.  It was truly a very warm and welcoming day!  And that weather!  Thank you again for everything.”


“Wonderful day! It was so nice to make it a full day and stay into the evening. Nice bunch of guys and I can't wait until the next party.”



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