Valley Male Nudist Gatherings


When and where we meet


The group organizer has a farmhouse between Fargo/Moorhead and Grand Forks. He hosts monthly gatherings May through September.


Our gatherings are scheuled for Saturday or Sunday afternoons, starting around noon and running into the early evening.


See the "Events" tab for scheduled event dates.


We would like to find other members willing to host events October through April to keep the group active year round.




We currently do not charge a membership or event fee. We may revisit this as the group grows or to cover the cost of the website domain, or any special event costs.




Attendees should bring a towel to sit on.


The group does not provide alcoholic beverages for any events, but attendees may bring their own bottle if they so desire. We ask only that you drink responsibly and, if necessary, have a designated driver. Drug use is not permitted.



We request that you RSVP for VMNG events. See "Events Tab" for information. If you have RSVP’d but your plans change and you will not be able to make it, please be courteous and notify us that you will be unable to attend.


Other Information


Smoking and accessibility to events is limited by the event venue and the host(s) involved. (The group organizer’s farmhouse has six stairs up to the porch and door.)


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