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Why should I get naked with VMNG

Why should I get naked with VMNG? The answer is really up to you. Certainly it’s not for everyone. The thought of being naked in front of other guys can be uncomfortable for some. We may have been taught that our bodies are private and should be hidden. We may think we don’t look good because we are too heavy, too thin, too short, too tall, too hairy, etc.

VMNG is for guys who are “comfortable in their own skin”. If you are (or want to become) comfortable socializing naked with guys of various ages, colors and shapes, give us a try. Please read through the feedback we have received, on the "Testimonials" tab.

Can I wear any clothes at your events?

We are not a “clothing optional” group. Our gatherings require full nudity. This helps minimize the potential for curiosity seeking gawkers attending our gatherings.

Of course, we will be flexible if weather, safety, or medical conditions require the use of some form of clothing. We do require footwear (sneakers, sandals, slippers), particularly when outdoors.

What if I get an erection at a VMNG event?

It happens on occasion. An erection is a normal bodily function and is nothing to be embarrassed about. Should a spontaneous erection occur, it is briefly admired and then the event continues as normal.

NOTE: Anyone who intentionally causes an erection (his own or someone else’s) at a VMNG event will be asked to stop such activity and may be invited to leave the event.

Did someone say SEX????

We may have been taught to associate sex with being naked. Sex is a natural, wonderful thing but, as they say, there's a right time and place for everything. VMNG gatherings are NOT sex parties.

Sexual activity at our gatherings is prohibited and can lead to expulsion from the group.

Although we draw the line at sexually intended contact and activities, we are not prudes. We are open to friendly, innocent physical contact between friends. Just remember that straight members or newcomers may not be comfortable with touch. As a matter of courtesy, ask before initiating any physical contact.

Do I need a beautiful body to attend?

No. VMNG is about socializing naked, not about being GQ models. One of the most basic fundamentals of nudism is that EVERY body is beautiful in its own way. A good personality is much more important than a good body.

Joining is simple.

Please send the following information to

Cell Phone number:
Closest City: (optional)

Once you are on the membership roster, you will receive advance notice and reminders for upcoming events by email. Location and driving instructions will be e-mailed only to those who RSVP.

We ask for phone numbers only in the case we need to cancel on short notice (family emergency, illness, severe weather).

We ask for town only in the event we might be able to line up some carpooling.

We do not share contact information with other members unless we have your approval first.

If you join VMNG but subsequently decide you do not wish to be a member, just notify the group organizer to be removed from the membership roster.

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